“We can do that!”: History meets technology in applied research project

A wealth of Fredericton history that was until now locked in handwritten documents is now accessible to all, thanks to an applied research partnership between the Information Technology programs at NBCC Fredericton Campus and the Fredericton Region Museum. A chance meeting during NBCC’s Service Day activities, where staff and students volunteer their time to community … Read more

Cancer couldn’t stop Killian from achieving his dream

At age 16, Killian Gouvernel’s life changed forever when he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a form of cancer that affects the body’s lymphatic system. Despite his diagnosis and the years of testing, treatments, forced breaks from school, and frequent hospital stays leaving him feeling depleted, Killian discovered a new sense of self-determination that has … Read more

The opportunity of a lifetime at NBCC

A cross-continental journey, a new culture, and enrolling in a full-time post-secondary program while working and raising a family is enough to overwhelm anyone … but for Kat Mesones, it was also the opportunity of a lifetime. Originally from Peru, Kat moved to Moncton with her husband and son in January 2021 to attend NBCC … Read more

NBCC grad draws inspiration from daughter

Samantha Connors-Lebreton has always had a passion for working with children and youth, but her biggest source of inspiration throughout her NBCC journey has been her daughter. “What motivated me most during my studies was my daughter,” said Samantha. “Knowing that she was watching me and seeing everything I was doing made me want to … Read more

NBCC grad proves it’s never too late

Russ Brown never predicted he would be back in the classroom after more than 23 years in the workforce, but when the COVID-19 pandemic impacted his job in the travel industry, he seized the opportunity to forge a new path. “I think COVID allowed a lot of people, including myself, to take a step back … Read more

Indigenous ‘Seven Feathers’ walkways introduced across NBCC campuses

When students and staff enter NBCC campuses, they’ll walk along a reminder of the College’s commitment to Truth and Reconciliation. As Canada marks National Indigenous History Month in June, NBCC is introducing a freshly-painted, bright orange walkway at each of its campus locations. The new ‘Seven Feathers’ walkways mark NBCC’s ongoing commitment to learn together … Read more

NBCC grad finds his leadership potential

Mark Ferrish never had any intentions of pursuing leadership opportunities in the workplace. That was until he discovered NBCC’s Applied Studies programs, and everything changed. “Leadership wasn’t something I had really considered – I thought I would just be an employee that would come in, do my work, and go home,” said Mark. “But when … Read more

A new beginning in Hospitality Town

When Juan Vargas arrived in New Brunswick for the first time, the crisp winter air was not the only thing giving him goosebumps. Originally from Bogota, Colombia, Juan began his NBCC journey in September 2020. After studying remotely for the first semester of his program while continuing to work full-time, Juan and his wife moved … Read more

IN HIS WORDS: New opportunities at home in NB

Editor’s note: The following is a firsthand account of the NBCC experience by Scott Cooper, a 2022 graduate of the Process Control Technician program at Saint John Campus. Before enrolling at NBCC, I spent the last 20 years working internationally as an operator, project manager and area manager for a large oilfield service company. With … Read more