NBCC grad draws inspiration from daughter

Samantha Connors-Lebreton has always had a passion for working with children and youth, but her biggest source of inspiration throughout her NBCC journey has been her daughter.

“What motivated me most during my studies was my daughter,” said Samantha. “Knowing that she was watching me and seeing everything I was doing made me want to work harder and be a good role model for her.”

As a single mom, Samantha worked hard to find a balance between caring for her daughter and the demands of being a full-time student in NBCC’s Protective Services: Corrections program.

Work hard she did. Throughout her program, Samantha never missed a class, consistently engaged in discussion, and excelled both academically and in her practicum placements. She also served as a support system for her classmates, always willing to lend a hand or be a shoulder to lean on for anyone in need.

“Samantha was a huge emotional support for her classmates during the pandemic, consistently motivating them and showing empathy to those who were struggling,” said Academic Chair Evelyn Gilliss. “She really is a beautiful human.”

Although Samantha is the person receiving an NBCC diploma this year, she says the support she received from her parents during her studies was instrumental to her success.

Samantha’s mother, a fellow NBCC Corrections program alumna, also helped influence her decision to enroll at NBCC.

“My mom took the program a few years ago and absolutely loved it, and loves the job she’s in now,” said Samantha. “I always knew that I wanted to go to college, but wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, so seeing her succeed had a big impact on my decision.”

After two years of hard work, Samantha has landed a job working in her field alongside her mother. She is looking forward to starting her career and is excited about the potential of raising a future NBCC learner.

“She (Samantha’s daughter) saw my mother and I attend NBCC, and now she is already talking about wanting to attend NBCC as well!”

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