Commentary: Newcomer underemployment costs us all. Here’s what we can do about it.

By Mary Butler and Patrick MacKenzie A recent report by economist Richard Saillant for the Housing Hub of New Brunswick contends that New Brunswick housing costs will continue their alarming run-up unless we make meaningful additions to the supply of skilled tradespeople who can build more housing. In an interview, he recommended making the most … Read more

Extending our reach through innovation

Research shows that Canadian adults who want to take advantage of training opportunities often cite a lack of time due to work scheduling and personal/family commitments, the cost of training, or the sacrifice of needed income as barriers. Many of these prospective learners are looking for short-duration, flexible training, offered outside of regular business hours, … Read more

Accelerate skills development opportunities for economic recovery and resiliency

In 2018, RBC projected that over 25% of Canadian jobs will be heavily disrupted in the decade ahead, with more than half requiring “a significant overhaul of the skills required.” Early in 2020, New Brunswickers were asked if they were concerned about factors such as technology and a shifting workforce eliminating some jobs and creating … Read more

A critical moment for New Brunswick

Mary Butler, President and CEO, New Brunswick Community College   As New Brunswick shakes off the economic and social repercussions of the past year and begins the business of plotting its recovery, we stand at a critical moment. We have an aging workforce and, by 2027, an estimated 120,000 New Brunswickers will retire, leaving more … Read more