NBCC grad finds his leadership potential

Mark Ferrish never had any intentions of pursuing leadership opportunities in the workplace. That was until he discovered NBCC’s Applied Studies programs, and everything changed.

“Leadership wasn’t something I had really considered – I thought I would just be an employee that would come in, do my work, and go home,” said Mark. “But when I was given leadership opportunities that allowed me to help other people, I realized it was something I really enjoyed.”

After graduating from Holland College with a diploma in Video Game Art and Animation, Mark was struggling with what to do next and was hesitant about the idea of leaving his home on Prince Edward Island. Despite his nerves, he decided to take a leap of faith and apply for NBCC’s Applied Studies Internship program, offered in partnership with the Army Learning Support Centre in Gagetown.

Mark thrived throughout the Internship program, honing his technical skills while focusing on teamwork and project management.

“While the program was an entire province away, and it was very scary being 4 hours from everything I’d know, I think that taking that risk and jumping forward to help my own career has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made,” said Mark.

After completing the Internship program in 2021, Mark knew he wanted to take the next step in his leadership development and landed a spot in the Applied Studies Mentorship program.

During the one-year Mentorship program, Mark went above and beyond. He dedicated countless hours to ensuring team-building activities ran smoothly, took on a leadership role with the new cohort of interns, and even facilitated a professional development workshop for his fellow students.

For Mark, the biggest takeaway from his time in NBCC’s Applied Studies Mentorship program is his newfound belief in himself as a leader.

“If I can make it out of this Mentorship program with complete trust in myself and my abilities, then I know I can make it anywhere I want.”

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