From student, to alumna, to staff

When Naria Sales graduated from NBCC in 2021, she never expected to be back at the College less than three months later as an employee, but that’s exactly what happened.

“As a former student, I am a product of NBCC, so working for the College is so exciting,” said Naria. “It’s a positive working environment and one of the best employers in the Atlantic provinces, so I’m just so grateful I was offered a position.”

Originally from the Philippines, Naria was living in Singapore with her husband and son when they decided as a family that she should move to Canada to pursue her education. In August 2019, Naria made the long journey to New Brunswick where she spent the next two years studying Business Administration on the NBCC Miramichi Campus. Although it was difficult to be away from her husband and son, Naria focused on her studies and graduated in June 2021 with highest academic standing in her program.

After graduation, Naria accepted a term position at the NBCC St. Andrews Campus before moving into a full-time, permanent position with the Enrolment Management Team, based in Fredericton, New Brunswick. In her current role as an administrative assistant, she supports NBCC’s Enrolment Management, Alumni, and International Education teams.

Recently, she had an opportunity to co-host a webinar for prospective international students, something Naria says she is particularly passionate about given her experience as an international student.

“Three years ago, I was in their shoes,” she said. “I was in their position three years ago, and now I’m giving providing them with valuable knowledge and advice. It just makes me go wow, sometimes you don’t know what life can bring you.”

After more than two years apart, Naria reunited with her husband and son in March 2022 in Fredericton, where they currently reside together as a family.

“We just hugged one another,” she said. “The dream turned into reality that from now on, this will be permanent. We don’t have to think about visas or other things that will hinder us from being a complete family.”

For Naria, her experiences as a student and staff member have been overwhelmingly positive. As she looks towards her future, she sees NBCC in it.

“I want to stay at NBCC. I just love the idea of being a graduate of NBCC, and now working for NBCC,” she said. “They (NBCC) helped us transform our lives, so I just want to continue to work hard for the College.”

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