NBCC celebrates 2,359 graduates

Four days of graduation celebrations at New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) this week culminated in welcoming 2,359 graduates into its robust network of more than 53,000 alumni. With public health restrictions continuing to prevent NBCC from holding traditional large ceremonies, the College hosted a series of smaller ceremonies throughout the week. Graduates had the opportunity … Read more

A surprise return to the classroom pays off

Daniela Buzatu never expected to be going back to college. Working, raising her family, and starting a new life in Canada kept her busy enough. “I never had any intentions to continue my own studies. I just wanted to work, for my son to finish university, and to be happy,” she said. Originally from Romania, … Read more

Getting back to the books

Growing up on a farm in Yarmouth, NS, Cameron Purdy gained an early understanding ofwhat it means to work hard. As he graduates from NBCC’s Information Technology: Business Analysis program, he acknowledges that his path from the farm to the computer lab was not a straight line. As a teenager, Purdy moved to Halifax and … Read more

A curious nature leads to Electronics Engineering

Andrew Hughson has always been interested in understanding how things work. He can recall taking a broken microwave apart for fun, just to see if he could put it back together. Hughson’s curious mind ultimately led him to pursue the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technology (EET) program at NBCC, but his engineering journey began at … Read more

A new start in the middle of a pandemic

A cross-country move, a switch to a more laid-back rural lifestyle, and a new career path…all in the midst of a global pandemic. Elizabeth Herd is an adventurer who has travelled the world, with jobs in South Korea and the United Kingdom before moving to Edmonton, Alta. with her British partner. When the COVID-19 virus … Read more

“Mama Tam” achieves her dreams

As a young woman, Tammy Thibodeau was told to expect a life without children, but she wasn’t prepared to settle for that. She managed to conceive and carry to term a beautiful daughter, and instantly knew she had a lot to offer children. Now, as she prepares to graduate from NBCC’s Educational Assistant program, “Mama … Read more

From the fish plant to the hospital ward

Separated from her partner – and the home-based business she had run for years – Vicky Martin found herself at a fork in the road. With three children to raise, she had to make some major life decisions: take the easy way, or the difficult but ultimately more rewarding way? “I needed to figure out … Read more

Stretching into a meaningful career

A part-time gig at a yoga studio has stretched into a fulfilling career in her chosen field for a 2021 graduate of NBCC’s Business Administration: Marketing program. While studying at NBCC, Christine Leger was working part-time at The Nest yoga studio in downtown Fredericton in exchange for free yoga classes. Knowing that the studio was … Read more

Marketing students give MWBA an assist

Marketing students eager for real world experience meet a fledgling sports league getting ready to launch its first season – it’s a slam dunk of a collaboration. A group of Business Administration: Marketing students at NBCC Moncton Campus are creating a marketing plan for the newly-formed Maritime Women’s Basketball Association (MWBA). It’s a partnership that … Read more

Bursary support helps elite athlete hit her professional stride

When an athletic scholarship to play softball in the States fell through at the last minute, Jesse Williams suddenly found herself looking for a new game plan. With her sports career benched, Williams needed new goals, and a new focus for her drive, energy, and ambition. The business administration program at NBCC St. Andrews Campus … Read more

Dude, where’s my classroom?

Editor’s Note: The 2019-2020 academic year was unlike any other in NBCC’s history. The COVID-19 pandemic brought changes to every aspect of our lives, including the way we learn. Respiratory Therapy student Connor Moore was one of the thousands of NBCC learners who finished their academic year in a virtual learning environment, and instructor John … Read more

New skills for a changing workforce

“How have I never thought about this before?” That’s the first thing that ran through Allison Fox’s head when she overheard one of her child care colleagues talking about a welding program exclusively for women. Until that moment, Fox hadn’t been aware that welding was even something in which she had an interest. As one … Read more