A new look for NBCC graduates

NBCC graduation ceremonies will have a fresh look and feel this year with the introduction of new graduate gowns and v-stoles.

The Class of 2023 will be the first graduating class to don black gowns, with three new v-stoles representing the different program certifications that will be awarded at NBCC’s yearly graduation ceremonies. Certificate program graduates will wear light blue and white v-stoles; Diploma program graduates will wear dark blue and white v-stoles; and students completing Post-Graduate programs will wear gold and white v-stoles.

“Graduation marks an important milestone in the lives of NBCC learners,” said Ann Drennan, NBCC Vice-President Academic, Innovation & Student Affairs. “These new gowns and v-stoles are uniquely NBCC, and will serve as a way for us to recognize and honour the individual and collective accomplishments of our graduates each year.”

NBCC graduates aren’t the only ones getting a new look. Convocation platform party members and other NBCC staff with specific roles during graduation ceremonies can look forward to wearing matching black gowns with newly designed NBCC branded staff hoods.

This year, prospective graduates can place their gown orders early through the NBCC Student Union’s online order form, or contact the Student Life Officer on their respective campus via email at nbccsu@nbcc.ca for more information.

NBCC graduation ceremonies will take place from June 19 – 23, 2023. Ceremony times will be announced later in the Spring Term.

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