Following in his father’s footsteps: NBCC Alumni Family Scholarship

Andrew Jardine is a second-generation NBCC student and the proud recipient of this year’s NBCC Alumni Family Scholarship, an annual award that supports and encourages future generations of NBCC alumni, generously sponsored by TD Insurance.

When Andrew Jardine’s father, Ben, graduated from NBCC’s Electronic Technology – Industrial Communications program in 1974, his generation could rely on getting a good job with a company and continuing to work there until retirement.

Andrew, an Electronics Engineering Technology student at NBCC, has had 20 jobs so far. A father of two young children, he hopes that formalizing his education in this discipline will bring more stability and certainty to his career.

The Electronics Engineering Technology program is similar to his father’s program, he noted, but very updated.

“Electronics technology has supported my family for two generations, and I look forward to what the future holds,” Andrew said. “The foundational principles of electronics haven’t changed much since my father taking this course…(but) the designs have gotten more advanced, more complex, more efficient and….less expensive. This is the age of each person having multiple computers at their fingertips, from cellphones and tablets to personal laptops, work laptops, and hand-held dispatch systems.”

Ben Jardine is proud to see his son follow in his footsteps.

“Andrew had been working a lot of term jobs, and I think NBCC will get him on the path to a career position,” he said. “I remember really enjoying my time at NBCC; there were all kinds of folks from all walks of life.”

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