A new career grows from a pandemic: NBCC Alumni Family Scholarship

Hannah Grant is a second-generation NBCC student and the proud recipient of this year’s NBCC Alumni Family Scholarship, an annual award that supports and encourages future generations of NBCC alumni, generously sponsored by TD Insurance.

The onset of a global pandemic in 2020 forced Hannah Grant, a member of a vulnerable population working a front-line service job, off the job for a month. During that month, she and her dad, a 1985 graduate of NBCC’s Electrician program and the owner of Mike Grant Electrical Electrical Services, got interested in direct investing.

Hannah discovered a love of numbers and a new career path suddenly revealed itself. Her father, who knew the value of a NBCC education, encouraged her to channel her newfound interest into the Business Administration: Accounting program at NBCC.

“When I was accepted, my family and I were ecstatic,” said Hannah. “Part of the reason I chose this school was because my father had studied here, and I thought going to the same school might be fun.”

She’s unsure of her future career plans, but thinks there might be a role for her as bookkeeper in her father’s electrical business.

Mike Grant is proud of his daughter’s new career path and her achievement of the NBCC Alumni Family Scholarship.

“When she was considering NBCC, I knew from my experience that she would be receiving a good education that would have her ready for the workplace,” he said. “I really enjoyed my time at NBCC; the instructors were top notch and, from time to time at various job site, I would run into former classmates from NBCC and catch up.”

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