New careers at NBCC prove rewarding

Linda Martin was working in the office of an agricultural operation when her position was made redundant.

Wendy Casey was working for a large industrial corporation when her job was moved to Saint John.

The two women with remarkably similar work histories both found their way to careers at NBCC Fredericton Campus, where they help support student success every day.

Casey, who works in Student Services, and Martin, administrative assistant to Fredericton department heads, are both exceptionally humble about the impact their work has on students. But both play integral roles in transforming lives and communities.

If you’ve visited the Fredericton Campus, you’ve probably met Casey and experienced her cheerful demeanor. For one-time visitors to the College, the interaction is a pleasant interlude. For students who will see Casey every day, it’s the beginning of a relationship that continues until graduation and beyond.

“I’m the first face they see, so I try to make sure it’s a friendly, helpful face,” said Casey. “I see them from the time they’re submitting their applications all the way through to graduation. To see that whole process, you get to know these people and you do get emotionally attached.”

Martin, who worked in student services at UNB before becoming an administrative assistant to department heads at NBCC Fredericton Campus, doesn’t have much direct interaction with students, but the work she does behind the scenes for department heads has a direct impact on their learning.

“I support the students through supporting the faculty,” said Martin. “I look after textbook orders, scheduling and backfilling seats. There’s a lot of great support here; everyone is working toward the common goal of student success.”

Both women are proud to be part of the NBCC family and happy to work with colleagues who care as much about student success as they do.

“This is a wonderful team, and it’s a real team effort,” noted Casey. “We are changing lives, and it’s huge.”

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