NBCC students receive over $450k in bursaries

Student Bursaries

Students at New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) have been feeling the love over the past few weeks as $450,055 in bursaries were awarded to 421 students across the College’s six regions. The bursaries were awarded as part of Rise and Shine breakfasts which connected students and donors across the province.

NBCC President and CEO Marilyn Luscombe said the contributions of donors are essential ingredients in student success.

“NBCC students are able to achieve their aspirations because of the generosity of many friends throughout our communities: those who fund student bursaries, those who provide equipment and those who give their time and expertise through work placements and practicums,” said Luscombe. “These contributions will become even more important as NBCC seeks to welcome more learners as part of our new strategic plan, Together We Rise.”

For recipient Kate MacKay, bursaries offer more than financial assistance; they remind students that they are valued and that they belong at NBCC. After an illness forced her to leave her previous career, MacKay came to NBCC Fredericton Campus where she is now a second-year Accounting student. This year she received the Sharon Annette Wicks Memorial Bursary and the Atlantic Credit Unions Bursary.

“When I became disabled in my 40s, I really started self-defining in terms of what I couldn’t do and what I was not. The bursaries have been a quiet way of reminding me that I am not defined by my deficiencies. I have something to contribute,” said MacKay. “At Christmas in my first year, I considered dropping out. I was thinking, what do I bring that I deserve to be here? Receiving the bursary after Christmas told me I do have a place here and I am valued.”

Individuals, businesses and organizations interested in supporting NBCC students can visit nbcc.ca/giving for more information.


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