A shining example of student leadership

NBCC’s Excellence in Student Leadership Award recognizes students who have made an exceptional leadership contribution within the college community and external communities they serve. The 2021 recipient of the Excellence in Student Leadership Award is Child and Youth Care student Katrina Ajes.

Finishing her program at the top of her class, Katrina exemplified excellence both inside and outside of the classroom during her time at NBCC.

She was actively involved in the College community, serving on her local Student Union and volunteering her time with initiatives including Youth Night, Girls on the Move, and Youth Engagement. Despite her busy schedule, Katrina also found time to work part time and assist her fellow students by offering peer support when needed.

Katrina’s work ethic, empathy for others, and desire to create positive change, make her a shining example of what it means to be a student leader at NBCC.

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