NBCC Industry Award 2021 – Miramichi Police Force

As NBCC prepares learners for careers in their chosen fields, community and industry partners play a vital role. Whether they donate bursary funds or equipment, host workplace practicums, provide applied learning opportunities, visit classrooms as guest speakers or hire graduates, their contributions help make the NBCC experience extraordinary for students.

The Miramichi Police Force has long been a valued partner of NBCC and, in 2021, was honoured with the NBCC Industry Award. Learn more about this mutually beneficial partnership in this Q&A with the Miramichi Police.

Describe your organization’s relationship with NBCC.

The Miramichi Police Force has been hosting practicum placements for NBCC students for over 25 years.  Over the years we have hired several NBCC Police Foundations Program students who have went on and graduated from the Atlantic Police Academy.  We have also hired several NBCC graduates as Communications Operators in our Communications Center.

How did this partnership come about? How long has your organization worked with NBCC?

The partnership originally started when several of our members began making presentations to various programs at the NBCC. The partnership continued to evolve and grow over the years to become the success it is today.

How does this partnership benefit NBCC? How does it benefit your organization?

NBCC Benefits:

  • Provides students with direct learning opportunities based on actual cases/scenarios with real job related experience from our staff.
  • Provides students with the opportunity to carry out their 8 week work practicum with MPF. During the practicum students are given the opportunity to work in the various units/sections within our agency so that they gain a full understanding and knowledge of the inner workings of the police force.
  • Gives a good understanding of what a policing career entails.
  • Provides students with the opportunity to take part various activities such as traffic control, foot patrol, open houses etc.

Miramichi Police Force Benefits:

  • It provides our officers the opportunity to gain teaching experience while passing along real life experiences.
  • Provides our officers the opportunity to learn from the students during the various presentations and during the work practicum.
  • The students have greatly assisted MPF by carrying out traffic duties during the annual Christmas Parade of Lights, assisting at our open house during police week in May, carrying out foot patrols in our two downtown business areas, and attending annual Remembrance Day Services with our officers at both the Chatham & Newcastle Services.
  • Provides us with the opportunity to get to know the students which is of a real benefit when they apply for positions within our agency.
  • The welding class students and instructors at NBCC have carried out several valuable additions to our armoured ERT truck to improve its operational abilities.
  • The new addition of the Driving Simulator and Use of Force Simulator will provide our officers with a great learning opportunity.

What are the factors that make your partnership with NBCC successful?

  • Being able to openly discuss various training opportunities that will benefit each other.
  • The ability to share learning experiences with one another.
  • Knowing each other on a first name basis.
  • Being able to capitalize on good advertising for each other.

If your organization did not have a relationship with NBCC, what impact would it have on your operations? 

  • Loss of an opportunity to implant knowledge and the teaching experience to the students while also learning from the students at the same time.
  • The loss of a feeder program to the Atlantic Police Academy and not having the opportunity to identify potential officers.
  • The loss of having the students to assist with such things as the annual Christmas parade, open houses, foot patrols, etc.
  • The loss of a very valuable community partner including the new Centre of Excellence that is being developed.

What personal history, if any, do you and/or your colleagues have with NBCC? 

We have several staff and family members that are alumni members of NBCC. Two of our officers, who are alumni members, lead the graduate march in dress uniform each year.

As a leader in your industry, what advice would you give to students who are training for your field? What advice would you give NBCC in training them?


  • Be a sponge and soak up as much knowledge as you can.
  • Take the opportunity to be involved in as much as you can to gain valuable experience.
  • Learn from each other.
  • Give 100% in everything you do.
  • Stay focused.


  • Conduct roundtable discussions for the various programs.
  • Ensure that the training remains current for the profession that it is being taught for.
  • Seek out business partners who have up to date knowledge on the training being delivered.  

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