First class of cyber “police” ready to hit the job market

SAINT JOHN – At the Saint John Campus of New Brunswick Community College (NBCC), learners are gaining the skills and knowledge needed to become members of the “police” – no, not the RCMP; a new kind of police that can protect companies and organizations from a new kind of criminal.

The first cohort of Information Technology: Cybersecurity learners are finishing up their program and getting ready to enter the workforce as cyber defence analysts, cyber defence infrastructure support technicians and vulnerability assessment and management consultants. Their one-year post-graduate program has provided them with the know-how to tackle one of the fastest growing types of crime – cyber crime.

“Cybersecurity professionals are the police of most companies,” said instructor Fraser Morehouse. “They take these complex security issues and break them down for the average person. It’s more than a job. It becomes a career. There are tangible results to what you’re doing.”

NBCC launched its Information Technology: Cybersecurity program at the Saint John Campus in September 2018 with a trio of instructors with a wealth of industry knowledge. Joining Morehouse are Harrison Duffley and Ben McHarg, all of whom are using their extensive backgrounds in cybersecurity to teach a new generation of professionals how to deal with security violations, data breaches and privacy failures.

“There is a lot of industry knowledge represented in this program,” said Duffley. “We’re lucky to have industry experts for this program. What we’re delivering is unique in regards to how much hands-on learning we’re providing.

“Because we have industry backgrounds, we know what industry wants and needs and we can make sure the skills our students are learning are directly appropriate to the jobs they’re going to have.”

Cybersecurity is one of the world’s fastest growing technology fields, creating a huge demand for cybersecurity professionals. The industry is estimated to have approximately 1.6 million job vacancies, creating lots of opportunity for graduates.

“Some students already have jobs lined up,” said Duffley.

As the inaugural year of the cybersecurity program gradually comes to a close, all three instructors are looking forward to next academic year.

“It’s a new and evolving industry, so we’re continually evaluating to meet industry needs,” said McHarg. “There is lots of opportunity to grow.”

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