Lifelong learning at NBCC

Lifelong Learning

The 21st-century job market is constantly evolving. New technology has changed the way many tasks are performed, creating the need for new skills and training. For those who have been out of school and entrenched in the workforce for a while, the learning curve can be steep.

New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) recognizes that learning is a lifelong pursuit, particularly in today’s world. Whether you’re seeking a career change, looking to upgrade your skills in your current field or studying simply for the joy of it, NBCC offers learning opportunities to help you achieve your goals.

There is a significant need to support learners at all stages of their careers to meet the rapidly changing demands of the labour market. Sixty-five per cent of the children entering elementary school this fall will ultimately work in jobs that don’t yet exist. This has sparked a need for lifelong learning opportunities.

NBCC Continuing Education offers both credit and non-credit courses, certificate programs and professional development opportunities. Learners can study part-time or online in a variety of subject areas to obtain the skills needed for ongoing career success.

Here are just a few of the Continuing Education courses and programs offered at NBCC in the classroom or online:

  1. Second Language Training – Parlez-vous francais? Brush up on your second language skills with NBCC’s beginner and intermediate French classes. Bilingualism is a coveted, in-demand skill in today’s workforce. A second language can help you climb the corporate ladder in your chosen field and broaden your career prospects. Bilingualism will help you find a career in the civil service, hospitality industry or emergency services, second language training will help
  2. Basic Welding – If you’ve ever wanted to work with metal, this course is for you! Learn about stick welding fundamentals, MIG welding and Oxy-fuel welding and cutting. Safety and skill go hand-in-hand in this general interest class as learners master the tools of the trade. This course can set you on the way to a job with welding or ironworking companies or manufacturers of heavy machinery and transportation equipment. Maintenance, shipbuilding, fishing, agriculture, aviation and mining are other sectors in which welding skill is an asset.
  3. Accounting 1 –Whether you own a small business or want to add a new dimension to your employment skills, this course provides you with the fundamentals of analysis and recording of financial transactions for the complete accounting cycle. People with accounting skills find work in marketing, payroll, computing and accounts receivable/payable.
  4. Fundamentals of Web Design – Want to increase your employability? Imagine being able to include “web design” on your resume! Check out our Fundamentals of Web Design online course, one of two offered in Information Technology. Introduction to Programming is also offered on an online basis. Web design and programming skills are in high demand in the fields of e-commerce, business management, client maintenance and IT support.
  5. Fundamentals of Records and Information Management – In the 21st century, information is power; it’s an organization’s greatest asset. This series of courses leads to a non-credit certificate of achievement from NBCC and endorsement from the Association of Records Managers and Administrators New Brunswick. Information security is a hot commodity in today’s digital workplace. The ability to manage records will continue to be an in-demand skill for years to come.

NBCC’s Continuing Education course and programs offer you the opportunity to learn new skills, prepare for a new career and improve yourself, in a way that works for you and your busy lifestyle. For more information on Continuing Education at NBCC, visit

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