In Their Words: Alumni reflect on their NBCC experiences

Brandi Cooper, Outreach and Education Officer, Financial and Consumer Services Commission of New Brunswick

Business Administration: Marketing

Class of 2010

As a mature student and mother of two, I enrolled at NBCC Saint John in the Business Administration program in 2008. Looking back, I recognize it took a significant amount of support from faculty, fellow students, and family to succeed.

I spent many weekends at the school conducting research or printing off papers with kids in tow, determined to walk down the aisle at graduation equipped with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the workforce. When I graduated in 2010, I received the Marketing Award from NBCC, presented to the top student in the graduating Marketing class.

Receiving that award was an acknowledgment of the hard work and dedication I had given to my studies, and it has since helped establish the quality of my work and work ethic to future employers. The award helped enhance my resume, but more importantly, it was a token of congratulations and recognition from the faculty who helped guide me to success.

I often look back at my time at NBCC with pride, and the significance of that award remains with me to this day.


Alex Dunbar, Compensation Analyst, Day & Ross

Business Administration: Management

Class of 2019

Attending college after working full-time comes with many challenges. One that was often a struggle was budgeting. Receiving the NBCC Alumni Family Scholarship helped to relieve some of that financial burden and was a huge booster for my self-confidence.

I used the extra money to help cover expenses such as gas and a new laptop along with treating my family to a nice meal. I am continuously grateful for the bursary and encourage all NBCC students to apply!


Jess Gould, Senior Project Manager, Construction Assignments

Civil Engineering Technology

Class of 2014

While attending NBCC I worked full time hours and studied full-time. I was the President of the Student Government and engulfed myself in school culture.

Receiving the Margaret Sweet Memorial Scholarship meant I could focus on my studies, my future, and my place in the construction industry. Their decision to choose me as a recipient gave me purpose and, without a doubt, aided in my successful completion of the Civil Engineering Technology program.

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