Fashion and trivia help students get ready for winter

It always takes us by surprise….that first blast of winter, that reminder of the cold and snowy days ahead. No matter how long you’ve lived in Canada, you’re never really as ready for winter as you should be.

Imagine how shocking it is for international learners who are spending their first winter in Canada!

At the Fredericton Campus of NBCC, the Student Union recognized what a shock to the system a Canadian winter would be for those used to be spending this time of year in warmer climes. They hosted a fun and practical event to help international learners get the seasonal clothing and know-how to survive their first New Brunswick winter!

A coat drive, fashion show and trivia contest at the Campus provided learners with practical advice on how to dress for changing weather conditions. For international students, it was a welcome opportunity to pick up a gently used winter coat, hat and pair of mittens, win some winter survival prizes and see how winter clothing can be layered and worn to protect them from the colder days ahead.

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