Following in the footsteps of success

Katherine Brown is a second-generation NBCC student and the proud recipient of this year’s NBCC Alumni Family Scholarship, an annual award that supports and encourages future generations of NBCC alumni, generously sponsored by TD Insurance.

Watching her parents advance in their careers, Katherine Brown was inspired to set herself up for the same success in life by enrolling at their alma mater, NBCC.

While her father Peter graduated from Civil Engineering Building Technology and her mother Denise’s program was Business Technology: Marketing, Katherine chose a totally different career path with Practical Nurse. She knew that, regardless of the program area, NBCC would give her the start she needed.

“I have seen firsthand how hard work, education, and dedication can open doors throughout your life and I intend to strive for the same,” said Katherine. “My parents’ pride in being NBCC alumni is one of the reasons I chose NBCC. They are proud of having been part of a college community that supported each other, where the instructors know their students and make themselves available for them.

“My parents have had several management positions and advancement opportunities, all while giving back to their community,” she added. “Their career successes afforded our family a great life and I am forever grateful for that.”

The pride Denise Pettis has in her daughter is evident as she describes her feelings about Katherine’s career choice.

“It has been awesome to see how much Katherine is enjoying her education and experience at NBCC and to see how her passion for nursing care has developed and grown since she entered the program,” said Denise.  “NBCC engages her in a way that allows her to get the most out of her program.”

Dad Peter Brown is also proud of his daughter’s achievement, describing her receiving the NBCC Alumni Family Scholarship as “one of the year’s highlights.”

“Katherine’s grades have been outstanding throughout this two-year program which speaks volumes about the NBCC learning environment and her dedication to succeed. I’m so pleased and proud of Katherine for her College and career choices!” he said.

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