A family tradition of giving back to community

Emily McCready is a second-generation NBCC student and the proud recipient of this year’s NBCC Alumni Family Scholarship, an annual award that supports and encourages future generations of NBCC alumni, generously sponsored by TD Insurance.

A desire for a rewarding career helping at-risk community members, combined with a lifelong love of learning instilled by parents who encouraged her to “dream big,” lead Emily McCready to enroll in the Justice Studies: Police Foundations program at NBCC Miramichi Campus.

Knowing exactly what to expect from her mother Beth, who graduated from NBCC’s Youth Care Worker program in 2000, didn’t hurt either.

“My mom….has shared numerous times over the years that, while attending the Youth Care Worker program at NBCC Miramichi, she was inspired to become a counsellor and work with youth at risk,” said Emily. “She has shared that the Youth Care Worker program was full of rich, collaborative conversations with classmates and knowledgeable instructors. The instructors and students had a working relationship that was caring and supportive.

“I have seen what it means to go the extra step and I admire my mom for what she does every day,” she added. “As I move along in my future career path as a police officer, it is important to me to continue to give back to my community.”

As an alumnus of NBCC, Beth Corey McCready is proud that Emily has decided to follow in her footsteps by pursuing a career in the social services. But she also wants Emily to forge her own path in life.

“She has heard over the years of my positive experiences while attended NBCC.  My wish to her was that she creates her own story and memories,” said Beth, who leveraged her Youth Care Worker diploma into a job as a School Intervention Worker before going on to get a Master’s in Counselling Psychology.

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