Constructing a partnership – Craig Manufacturing

New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) provides learners with a clear pathway from education into employment. Hartland-based Craig Manufacturing is just one of the many New Brunswick companies that recognize the value of NBCC graduates.

“We hire NBCC graduates for two reasons: one, they have the trade skills we need, and two, NBCC teaches them how to think and solve problems,” said Ben Craig, CEO of Craig Manufacturing. “They provide students that build great products with great knowledge and great experience that allow us to compete with companies across the world.”

Founded in 1946, Craig Manufacturing makes attachments for heavy construction equipment and their products are sold globally . Approximately 30 per cent of their staff are NBCC alumni, with 60 per cent of those in supervisory roles coming from NBCC. The company’s Fit-Weld group has the most NBCC representation, with 45 per cent of the department graduating from the College.

“There are currently opportunities in machining, welding, and engineering, although the job that you start with at Craig Manufacturing probably won’t be the job you finish your career with,” added Craig. “We have NBCC graduates who have worked their way up to senior positions.”

NBCC is a significant contributor to New Brunswick’s social and economic prosperity by providing relevant post-secondary training opportunities that match the province’s labour market needs. Through innovative education and hands-on learning opportunities, students graduate with the skills and experience they need to enter the workforce.

Craig Manufacturing CFO Heath Alexander is an alumnus of NBCC, graduating from the Business Technology program in 1986. Originally from Carleton County, he has spent most of his career in the area.

“Craig Manufacturing is a world-class organization based here in New Brunswick. We provide attachments over North America and even ship worldwide. It’s a tremendous honour and opportunity for me to work here.”

Prior to joining Craig Manufacturing, Alexander also spent five years at NBCC as a department head at the Woodstock  Campus.

“I’m a really strong believer in the NBCC programming, the quality instructors that they have, and the learning from the industry,” added Alexander.

Craig Demerchant, a CNC Machinist, is a recent recruit for Craig Manufacturing after graduating from NBCC’s two-year program earlier this year. He’s happy to use his skills in a rewarding career without having to leave the province. “I started at Craig Manufacturing in high school as part of the high school co-op program and when I graduated NBCC, nobody could compete with Craig, so I took the job offer here,” said Demerchant. “My advice to others is to get out into the field as fast as you can and when you’re done your program at NBCC, there’s a job here for you at Craig.”

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