Celebrating Excellence at NBCC

The NBCC Excellence Awards provide an opportunity to celebrate the incredible people who help make NBCC a great place to work and learn. The awards acknowledge the extraordinary contributions of individuals who go above and beyond to support their workplace and their community. The 2021 Excellence Award recipients truly embody NBCC’s vision of transforming lives and communities.


Kevin Cormier, Excellence in Leadership: Non-Managerial

A passion for e-learning and a desire to help NBCC grow is what motivates Kevin Cormier.

Earlier this year, Kevin began his new role as Lead, IT Training and Support, but it was his former position as Learning Management System Administrator that earned him the 2021 Excellence in Leadership: Non-Managerial Award.

Kevin has had a tremendous impact across the NBCC community, particularly on the overall experience of instructors and learners. A natural problem-solver, he uses his extensive knowledge of NBCC’s learning software and creative thinking skills to support the College’s academic delivery. Kevin continues to be instrumental in the College’s transition to blended delivery due to the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I love the culture at NBCC; it’s a great place to work and I’m passionate about my job,” said Kevin. “What gets me up in the morning is knowing that I’m helping our instructors and students succeed.”


Michelle Robichaud, Excellence in Applied Research and Innovation

Michelle Robichaud is an instructor in NBCC’s Business Administration: Marketing program and is the recipient of the 2021 Excellence Award for Applied Research and Innovation.

Michelle has been implementing applied research and experiential learning opportunities in her classroom since she began teaching at NBCC more than seven years ago. With more than 30 partnered projects under her belt, she has been a shining example of how instructors can incorporate applied research opportunities into a curriculum.

Michelle doesn’t have to reach out to the Applied Research & Innovation (ARI) office to find partners for her course-based projects. Rather, she is far more likely to bring ongoing partnerships and projects to the attention of ARI. This is a testament to her strong ties to the business community and her ability to foster collaboration.

“I absolutely love teaching, it’s something that drives me every day,” said Michelle. “I love being with my students and getting to create these unique learning opportunities for them. It’s definitely something I’m very passionate about.”


Andy Petersen, Excellence in Community Leadership

Andy Petersen’s heart for volunteerism has earned him the 2021 Excellence in Community Leadership Award.

An instructor in NBCC’s Business Administration: Marketing program and the co-founder and chair of The Amazing RPO Power Open fundraising event, Andy has made significant contributions to charities and organizations such as the Friends of the Moncton Hospital, the SPCA of Greater Moncton, and local youth curling. He is also actively involved in his local youth sports community, serving as past director of Curl Moncton and current director of Moncton Minor Baseball, and has held various team manager and coaching positions for youth sporting teams.

The work he has done to support his community is inspiring to everyone at NBCC, including his students. In addition to his own volunteer work, he is actively fostering community leadership among students in his classroom by incorporating community-based coursework into his curriculum.


Heather Fowler, Excellence in Leadership: Managerial

As Academic Chair for the School of Arts, Community and Protective Services, Heather Fowler has proven to be a dynamic leader who invests in NBCC and in her community.

Heather’s innovative thinking, strong belief in the value of collaboration, and community involvement earned her the 2021 Excellence in Leadership: Managerial Award.

She has played a significant role in several important NBCC initiatives, including the Early Childhood Education microcredential program and the creation of customized programming for Indigenous communities. Above all, she is a leader who embraces change and believes in the power of teamwork.

“My biggest motivator and what I’m always focused on is what I can do to improve the experience of our students and our faculty,” said Heather. “I’m a helper at heart, so I want to know what you need and how I can support you to do your best work.”


Karen Campbell, Excellence in Teaching

As a Coordinating Instructor in the School of Business, Hospitality and Tourism, Karen Campbell is a strong voice for both learners and fellow instructors at NBCC.

Karen’s focus on student success is just one factor that went into her selection as the 2021 Excellence in Teaching Award recipient. When Karen arrived at NBCC in 2005, she brought with her a wealth of experience from a diverse career that included time spent working in the software and information technology industries, and as a high school teacher.

Her passion for teaching is evident in her dedication to her students and her desire to adapt and improve to provide the best possible learning experience. Karen has also been instrumental is several important NBCC initiatives, including Project Flex, a new initiative aimed at expanding opportunities for students to be exposed to work in their field of study.

“I think fundamentally, to be a good teacher, you have to like people and luckily, I really like people,” said Campbell. “I view my students as equals, and I believe that I have just has much to learn from them as they do from me.”

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