A meal fit for the Premier

FREDERICTON – When 960 of the province’s thought leaders and decision makers sat down to supper last week, they were dining on the fruits of New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) students’ labours.

Students in the Culinary Arts and Hotel and Restaurant programs at NBCC St. Andrews put their learning to work as they helped prepare and serve the meal at the 2019 State of the Province Address. While Premier Blaine Higgs was outlining his vision for the year ahead, the students were gaining first-hand experience in the challenges associated with large-scale catering.

“I can’t teach this in a classroom,” said instructor Kim Garron. “An event like this gives students training and experience that they may never otherwise receive.”

The Culinary Arts and Hotel and Restaurant programs have been participating in the State of the Province dinner for several years. It’s the largest and most prestigious of the community meals for which the students volunteer over the course of their studies. Other events include the Harbour Lights Campaign kick-off breakfast, an annual lunch for a vocational group with employees of varying degrees of ability and regular meals for Charlotte County senior citizens.

“It’s a part of their education, and it helps the community,” said Garron.

Applied learning is a key component of the NBCC Advantage, which prepares NBCC learners for success. Diverse learning experiences offer NBCC graduates an edge in the workplace and position learners for greater impact in their communities and beyond.

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