Volunteer leave gets Corporate staff in the holiday spirit

At NBCC, giving back to the community is embedded in our DNA. Whether we’re helping our community partners on Service Day or contributing to community development in Kenya, NBCC’s award-winning Robertson Institute for Community Leadership ensures that every member of the NBCC family has an opportunity to give their time, energy and talents to a cause for the greater good.

One of the ways that NBCC staff give back is through Employer Supported Volunteer (ESV) leave. Each employee of NBCC has two days of paid volunteer leave to use each year, empowering them to creatively contribute to communities. Community kitchens, animal shelters, and youth/senior organizations have all benefited from NBCC’s ESV program. At this special time of year, though, the most popular ESV activity for staff at NBCC’s Corporate office is gift wrapping for the Chalmers Hospital Foundation.

“I love wrapping presents; I’ve always been the creative, fancy bows and ribbons wrapper in the family,” said Tina Brewer, Executive Assistant to the Vice President Strategy and Stakeholder Engagement. “So when this came up as an opportunity for volunteer leave, I jumped right on it.”

Throughout the month of December, the Chalmers Hospital Foundation operates a gift-wrapping booth at Regent Mall. Customers can bring their gifts to the booth and make a donation to have them wrapped by volunteers. NBCC is one of several organizations that volunteers at the booth each year.

The funds raised are dedicated to much-needed projects at Chalmers Hospital. Past projects have included the purchase of a special camera to help detect vision problems in premature infants, updated equipment for the GI Lab, and new cardiac diagnostic equipment.

Corey Woodside, an iResearch Analyst at the Corporate office, is enjoying his first Christmas as an employee at NBCC. Gift wrapping isn’t exactly high on his list of things he likes to do, but he doesn’t mind it either.

“There were no challenging gifts,” he laughed. “Everything was a nice square box. It was fun; a lot of people stopped to chit chat so that was nice.

“I’m surprised at the number of other opportunities there are to volunteer,” he added. “There are lots of opportunities to give back at NBCC. Community involvement is pretty high among the staff.”

Other Corporate office volunteers at the gift wrapping booth were Heather Allaby, Laurie Campbell, Kathryn Kirby, Noha Nada, Erica Phinney, Dave Barna, and Rachel Renault. Because NBCC provides them with paid leave to volunteer, they were able to take shifts during daytime hours, which can be challenging time slots for other volunteers.

“I am thankful the College provides us with the opportunity to volunteer,” said Brewer. “It’s fun and it makes me feel good to do something for others. Knowing that the College gives you the time and actively encourages you to use it makes it easier to give back.”

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