Training Wheels: A big rig donation

David Lockhart, owner and president of East Coast International Trucks (ECI), knows exactly how much is riding on NBCC’s Truck and Transport Service Technician Program. The College is a key source of trained workers with the specialized skillsets that ECI needs to keep business rolling – literally.

“The NBCC programs provide a foundation for future Technicians which we can hire. Our growth depends on students who have completed the NBCC programs,” said Lockhart.

Like so many industries, the complex technologies driving today’s transportation sector are constantly evolving. So when the ECI president learned that NBCC students were working with older model trucks, he decided to take action. Instructor Robert Hitchcock recalled the day he got the news.

“I get a call from Mr. Lockhart, and he tells me that they are on their way over to deliver TWO trucks for our program,” said Hitchcock. “They are both 2014 International Prostar, heavy-duty, Class 8 highway tractors.

“These trucks have much of the current technologies integrated that our students will see working in the trade, such as multiplexed electronics, diesel engine after treatment systems, and advanced driver safety systems. These new vehicles will make student learning more current and up-to-date with these modern vehicle systems.”

ECI also recently donated a Cummins ISC diesel engine to the NBCC shop.

Lockhart believes that industry donations to NBCC training programs are critically important to growing New Brunswick’s labour pool and driving the economy forward.

“The relationship between industry and NBCC is key for businesses in New Brunswick to succeed. Trades people need practical experience on modern equipment so they will be better prepared to enter the work force. The industry’s participation and commitment to educating future trades people is the only way that this can work with success.”

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