Stretching into a meaningful career

A part-time gig at a yoga studio has stretched into a fulfilling career in her chosen field for a 2021 graduate of NBCC’s Business Administration: Marketing program.

While studying at NBCC, Christine Leger was working part-time at The Nest yoga studio in downtown Fredericton in exchange for free yoga classes. Knowing that the studio was embarking upon a rebranding exercise, Leger pitched her way to a practicum placement.

It’s turned into a match made in yoga heaven that will continue long after Leger’s practicum is completed.

“It’s so nice that I get to work, right out of school, at a place where I enjoy the industry and what it stands for,” said Leger, who has long been interested in yoga and fitness.

For Jenn Tuttle, owner of The Nest, Leger’s help has been invaluable as she expands her business. Leger worked with the brand expert hired by The Nest and rebranded all The Nest’s agendas, business cards, and other print collateral.

In a short period of time, Leger has become an “instrumental” part of Tuttle’s business. The two of them often hold brainstorm sessions and come up with new and exciting ways to market The Nest. Tuttle is so impressed by Leger’s contribution that she has created a full-time job for Leger.

“It’s been really rewarding for me,” said Tuttle. “I’ve seen Christine blossom in her leadership. I’m so proud to see how she’s evolved in that role. It’s been so wonderful having her here; I value her judgement, I value her opinion, and it’s been such an amazing experience for me and my business.”

A full-time job at The Nest is more than Leger could have hoped for when she started the Business Administration: Marketing program.

“Entry-level jobs in this field are not usually this in-depth,” said Leger. “I’ve had a chance to learn so much here; I’ve learned just as much here as I did in the classroom.”

Leger’s educational journey won’t stop here; she is currently training to become a yoga instructor. If yoga is the union of mind and body, then Leger’s experience is the union of education and passion.

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