Helping the planet on Service Day

At the Miramichi Campus of NBCC, Environmental Technology students are learning every day how the conservation of natural resources can heal some of the damage done to the planet by humans. Their learning is put to work in the community on Service Day, when they take part in community projects designed to improve wildlife habitats and natural eco-systems.

Among the projects undertaken by the Environmental Technology students is the clearing of beaver dams in the Miramichi watershed, to allow the free flow of water. Beaver dams are known barriers to adult Atlantic salmon migrating upstream to spawn, blocking access to habitat in the upper reaches of brooks and stream. The work was conducted under the leadership of the Miramichi Salmon Association, a valued community partner.

Environmental Technology students also had the opportunity to support the work of Canoe Kayak NB, which is restoring ancient portage trails in the province.

Before New Brunswick had roads and highways, waterways were the primary mode of transportation. Portage trails connected these thoroughfares, serving as critical transportation links for New Brunswick’s First Peoples. Canoe Kayak NB is committed to restoring these links. NBCC learners helped the organization clean trails to make them more accessible.

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